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A Perfect Celebration

If you are interested in earning the HP Master ASE – Wireless Networks Implementer V1 certification, you must have at least three years of relevant work experience. During your employment, you should have implemented and maintained complex enterprise wireless networks. Additionally, earning this certification requires you to have previously earned one of the following prerequisite certifications: HP ASE – Wireless Networks Implementer V1 or HP ASE – Wireless Networks [2011]. It’s recommended that you use the services of TestsLive or HP’s training courses in order to prepare yourself for the required certification exam.

Earning this HP certification will be valuable to you during your future employment search because it proves that you have the skills needed for planning, designing, implementing, and troubleshooting enterprise level HP wireless networks. Employees who need candidates who are able to integrate networks into the existing wired infrastructure know that they can count on you to perform this task for their company if you have this certification.

Also, this HP certification gives you an advantage because you are able to tell employers that you understand the challenges that come with the wireless network expanding in size and complexity in the IT world. While other candidates for employment may have an overly simple understanding of how to plan and design wireless networks, holding this certification tells employers that you understand all of the variables that must be taken into account when designing networks. This includes RF coverage, number of users, number of guests, signal strength, security factors, and access point placement. As businesses expand their mobile computing abilities, they will want someone with these qualifications.11

Do you prepare to celebrate the wedding of one of your best friends, or probably of one of your work colleagues? Then, you’d better start looking for presents for your friend/work colleague and his/her partner. In case the couple has selected to use a gift registry, you should pay attention to the gifts mentioned in that registry and choose to buy something that the couple really wants. However, if you want to purchase a unique wedding gift for the marrying couple, you can decide to select a personalized or customized gift, such as a themed gift basket or an engraved picture frame.

Next, we would like to present several ideas of unique wedding gifts that can be offered to a marrying couple on their wedding day. And we start by saying several words about paintings. A painting is an extraordinary wedding gift, whether it symbolizes a piece of fruit or an abstract design. A painting is by definition something handmade, whether its author has used the benefits provided by a computer or not; you need to acknowledge the fact that before using the computer, its author imagined how the painting would look like and created it according to his/her own creativity and talent.

Wedding Gift Ideas Unique

Wedding Gift Ideas Unique (Photo by: Cheryl)

Another potential gift that will make any happy couple even more happy then they are, is represented by a vintage product. Before purchasing a gift like this, you need to find more details about your friend or work colleague that is getting married. Who knows, maybe he or she likes vintage dinnerware, and he/she does not have something like this in his/her house; would not be nice to purchase something like this for him/her in this case? To find vintage items, we recommend visiting stores that sell product like this, boutiques, thrift stores, flea markets and of course the vast Web.

Finally, the last product recommended here is a framed photograph, that will present a photo of the happy couple captured several years ago, when the now-bride and groom were at the beginning of their relationship, and another photo of the same happy couple captured several days ago, before their wedding day. If you know the couple for a very long time, this task of offering them a gift like this should not be a problem. If you do not know the couple for many years, check with their friends or family, and ask for a photo of theirs, in order to be able to offer the happy couple this type of present. Also, if you are talented at video editing, you can use several photos of the marrying couple and create a 2-minute video, to their surprise and benefit.


Elegant wedding invitations can be purchased from various designers and fine art creators, but they can also be designed by a talented happy couple. In the following lines, you will see how to create your very own elegant wedding invitations at home.

An elegant wedding is more than $10,000, so it is natural for a couple to desire to save some money at least on their wedding invitations, and try to create those invitations themselves. With a little bit of patience, some supplies and a lot of hours at their disposal, a happy couple can create simple, yet elegant wedding invitations, right from the comfort of their home.

The first step when designing your own elegant wedding invitations is to choose a font. Yes, choosing the font of your future invitations is the first thing that has to be considered, before selecting the design of your invitations. This happens because in case of some elegant wedding invitations, the design of the invitation is not that important, as the layout and the font of the invitation. Therefore, choose a font that you like, by searching the available fonts on your computer, or other fonts, that are available online. When you seek for fonts for wedding invitations online, be prepared to pay a certain amount of money to download a specific font. After choosing the font of your wedding invitations, select a layout, and create your text. The wording of the wedding invitations can be generated by yourself or chosen online; unlike the font mentioned earlier, for which you need to pay a certain fee, for wording, you don't have to pay anything.

Elegant Wedding Invitations

Elegant Wedding Invitations (Photo by: marina guimarães)

After selecting the font and wording of your invitations, print them by using a word processing program like Microsoft Word. When the invitations are ready, add some enhancements, such as pressed flowers, Swarovski crystals, ribbons, beads and many others, in the colors of your future wedding.

Do not forget about the envelopes, that will contain the wedding invitations. Envelopes have to feature the same font that you have used for your invitations. However, this is not necessary, so if you want to use Times New Roman to write the names of those who will receive your invitations, and Cambria to write the wedding invitations, you can do this, because there is no etiquette regarding the use of matching fonts for the wedding invitations and their envelopes. But there is an etiquette regarding wedding invitations, and this refers to sending not only wedding invitations beautifully placed in some envelopes, but also reply cards and thank you cards. At the same time, if you plan a wedding shower as well, you should send elegant wedding shower invitations too.


A wedding shower is a time for the bride and her girls to party and celebrate the upcoming wedding in their style, without husbands and boyfriends. However, modern wedding showers allow men to participate as well; in fact, even the groom participates, because the wedding showers today are hosted by the happy couple together, not only by the bride.

Regardless of the person who organizes the wedding shower (in some cases, the happy couple does not organize the shower themselves, but a friend of theirs), there should be noted that wedding shower participants should be welcomed with wedding favors, just like it happens on a wedding day. The difference between wedding shower favors and wedding favors is that the first ones are cheaper, and in most cases, created by the bride and groom themselves, not bought from a store.

A great idea of a wedding shower favor is represented by some cookies, that can be baked several hours before the wedding shower by a creative bride. Cookies can have various shapes and can be made of different ingredients. In order to impress the wedding shower participants, these cookies should be offered along with a touching message written especially for every guest.

Wedding Shower Favor Ideas

Wedding Shower Favor Ideas (Photo by: Regal Ribbons)

Another idea is to allow the wedding shower participants to create their very own cookies, by giving them the possibility to bake cookies during the wedding shower. Baking cookies at this type of event could be considered a sort of a wedding shower game, and should involve not only women, but also men; you know what they say, that men make the best chefs, so in case you too plan to throw a wedding shower before your wedding, do not hesitate to use this wedding shower game and put all of your friends to work, by giving them specific tasks to design and then bake various cookies.

At a wedding shower, the bride and groom could offer their participants some makeup and cosmetic kits, that could be used during the wedding shower, for the benefit of all those present at the shower. This way, ladies receiving makeup kits could use some nail polish bottles, eye liners, lip gloss and others in order to enhance their beauty, and why not, give some makeup lessons to other girls/women present there, and men receiving cosmetic kits could use lotions, nail decals designed for men, and many others, to show the ladies that they can be chic as well.

In case of a beach wedding shower, favors could be represented by some flip-flops in a variety of sizes, in the colors of the upcoming wedding. If the beach wedding that follows the wedding shower is an informal one, guests could be required to present themselves at the wedding wearing those flip-flops received as wedding shower favors.


A wedding reception is usually held at a beautiful venue, lovely decorated with floral arrangements, candles, lighting equipment, crystals, fabrics, and many others.

According to specialists, it is considered that nothing decorates better a wedding venue than a glass staircase or a green path, scattered with flowers. Unfortunately, not all the restaurants out there feature a glass staircase, nor are present in the wild, where green paths are available. In this case, these elements that could transform a regular wedding into an unforgettable one should be created, in order to enhance the wedding. Glass staircases do not necessarily have to feature 30 steps, but only 10, giving the bride and groom the possibility of taking their photos in a magical place. At the same time, that green path that was named earlier, can be created in front of the restaurant where the wedding will be held; so it is not necessarily a must for the restaurant to be placed somewhere in the nature, because a creative couple could bring nature to that restaurant, if they want this.

Another idea that is related to a wedding reception is to choose a theme, that should be respected entirely, from the use of flowers and colors to the moment when the happy couple dances their last dance at the wedding. Everything has to be beautifully arranged, and incorporated into a certain theme.

Wedding Receptions Ideas

Wedding Receptions Ideas (Photo by: Ken Hodge)

Lighting is another aspect that regards any wedding reception. Again, specialists say that ‘lighting can make or break an event’, this is why they suggest to use luminarias to create a romantic atmosphere, candelabras to create an elegant wedding atmosphere and clusters of small candles for an intimate wedding.

Most certainly you know those weddings where centerpieces are very tall and do not let guests talk to one another, even though they sit at the same table. Well, we recommend you to purchase only small centerpieces, that allow guests to see one another, and to discuss without problems. Centerpieces can be represented by bowls of sugar fruit, traditional flowers, champagne glasses combined with candles, ceramic decorations, flower pots, and many others.

Another idea connected to a wedding reception refers to the food selected by the happy couple for their guests. In case of an informal wedding, organized in the outdoors, a barbecue is a great idea. If a barbecue is selected for the wedding, guests could be served with hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, potato salads, green salads, bacon wrapped scallops, stuffed mushrooms, iced tea, soda and lemonade. In case of a formal wedding, that takes place inside a restaurant, the menu could be represented by roasted turkey and ham, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, fresh-baked pies, and obviously a wedding cake.